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Marc is a person in long-term recovery who embraces the true meaning of service. With a history of substance use and mental health disorders, he has risen through all adversities to become a valued member of the recovery community. Having completed his certification for both the RSPS and JI-RPS strives to remain in service as much as possible.

Marc’s passion is for those coming out of jails and prisons, so he first decided to get his Justice Involved Recovery Peer Support certification, leading to many opportunities in the jails. He goes into Travis County Correctional Complex weekly to take in peer support services to those still incarcerated. He feels mightily rewarded to be able to go back into the jails to take the message of recovery, having been there himself.

Marc is a valued member of Oxford House, a peer-supported recovery living community. He feels that his service to Oxford helps balance his work service. Throughout his time at Oxford House, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Marc is dedicated to recovery and continues to bring the message in all affairs.

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