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Take Control

Of Your Recovery

Find Recovery That WORKS For YOU!

Our Vision...

there is no single formula for recovery. We offer you the empowerment and dignity to write your recovery story on your own terms.


START - Discover your unique path for successful recovery with tailored, never copied, experience. Guided in a collaborative partnership with your team of recovery support specialists, you are empowered to learn about and choose your own pathways of support.

STABILIZE - Are you further into your recovery story, but your program has become a bit stagnant? Experienced a disconnect and want to feel that fire for recovery again? Shake things up with our innovative support groups for a new perspective or come hang at the Graffiti Lounge in our drop-in center.

SUSTAIN - Join others in the recovery community by attending our exciting and cutting edge events that offer something for every age range, including collaborations like Recovery In The Park.


Image by Devon Divine



To empower the recovery community through collaborative partnerships to offer peer support services, provide training and education, and sponsor fun events that promote holistic recovery.

Want to give back? Consider becoming a certified Peer Specialist by taking our state-approved courses or taking specialized classes designed by and for peers.


Make a Positive Change

RecoveryATX provides a broad range of activities and interventions designed to improve the health and quality of life of individuals and communities. RATX is your most valuable resource for connection.


Our evidence-based (cost-free) programs emphasize dignity, promote empowerment, and truly “meet people where they are” to affect positive changes in their lives. No one should be left behind simply because they are unwilling or unable to stop using substances.

Recovery Coaching

Coaches help you find ingredients for a lasting recovery.

Classes & Training

Learn new skills, gain knowledge, become a coach.

Community Events

Attend fun events with like-minded, affirming people.

Share Your Story

Inspire others with your recovery success stories.

Are You Ready to Find Your Story?

We are thankful for the opportunity to assist you!Someone will connect with you soon.

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