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Support Services

Let's Write a New Story Together.

Peer Recovery Collaborative Coaching

Our peer support coaches are here to support your unique pathway to recovery as they offer certified resource guidance, encouragement, and camaraderie. This no-cost service is offered through a strategically paired coach, as well as through our newly developed collaborative coaching method, utilizing the various strengths of each of our coaches to meet different needs as they arise.


Harm Reduction
Supplies & Services

Whether you are well into your recovery story, in the first few chapters, or haven't even turned the first page, we have the right support for you.  At RecoveryATX, we honor all pathways to recovery, whether that is complete abstinence or just that simple desire to make small advances to improve your quality of life.  We offer services and supplies to reduce harm while you start writing your new story.

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Mutual Aid Support Groups

Just like one's taste in genres, everyone's recovery is unique to them.  At RecoveryATX, our Peer Support Coaches will work with you, like a librarian at your local library, to help you find the genre that fits your own recovery story.  There are many different support groups to choose from, and we will guide you towards the one that best suits your needs.

Community Resources

When you are first starting your journey, knowing the extensive resources that are available to you may seem like an impossible task, just like trying to find the right book at a library -- And once found, picking up the phone to bring them into reality can seem even harder. Our coaches will help you find the support service that suits your unique needs and we will walk alongside you to get connected..


The Best Part?

Due dates & late fees don’t exist here. Your recovery begins and ends on your watch and we won't charge you anything along the way.

Some people stay for a few months, while others may choose to peruse the shelves for a lifetime:

there is no “right” way to use this metaphorical library! We value having you here for as long as you need to stay.



Recovery Support Services are here to assist with finding the right journey for you.



Want to support others in finding writing their story? We can help.

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RATX hosts inclusive community events for developing healthy relationships.

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Want to tell your story? We would love to hear from you!

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