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My Recovery Story - Dave Horstmann

Dave Horstmann is a person in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs since January of 2015. D

ave has served on the board of RecoveryATX since June of 2018. He also serves on the World Council for Oxford House Inc, which acts as an advisory board, representing the voices of residents and alumni, to the organization’s board of directors.

Aside from the various roles he serves in the local and national recovery community, Dave sits on the board of the East 12th Street Merchant’s Association in East Austin and has a rewarding and challenging occupation in the construction industry. Through living a life centered around recovery, Dave has found a world of possibilities that didn’t seem remotely imaginable 5 years ago. He is also blessed to have countless opportunities to travel around the country in service of recovery and his occupation. When he is not traveling, you can find Dave enjoying the sights and sounds that Austin has to offer. Whether it be enjoying live music, hiking, camping, or bicycling in the beauty of the hill country, he understands the importance of finding time for fun and having balance in life.

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