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My Recovery Story - Lindsay Green

Lindsay Green is very grateful to be working at Recovery Unplugged as the Director of Out

reach, where she has the opportunity to help individuals struggling with substance abuse issues get the help they need. She strongly believes in the program and the importance of teaching people to have fun in recovery! It’s also important to her that the program is incentive-based and that the clients are shown unconditional love and support and that there are many pathways of recovery and nothing is cookie cutter. Lindsay also opened multiple sober living houses in many cities and states.

She also has created numerous trainings that have been very successful in multiple areas around the country. Lindsay has served the non-profit sector in Tulsa, San Antonio, Southern Oklahoma, Portland, New Mexico, and now heading back to San Antonio and

Austin. She always goes where there is a need for her service. She has a unique ability to help an area thrive by creating a fun atmosphere that engages others to get involved. Also, she leads with training, unity, and makes service work attractive to ensure success.

Lindsay is also very skilled at communicating and creating wonderful lasting relationships with treatment professionals, residents, alumni, and other staff that aid her well in getting the job done. She also excels at using innovative ideas and always brings a solution to any problem that arises. Lindsay also uses her social, computer, and creative skills in order to further the assimilation of the recovery wherever she goes!

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